Research Steering Committee

Research Steering Committee serves to coordinate activities across the consortium. Through twice-monthly conference calls and in-person meetings, its main functions are to establish guidelines for timely participation, overall analytic approach, selection of phenotypes, publication strategies, and approaches to authorship. 

The RSC assists in the establishment of working groups for each phenotype of joint interest. It sets goals to aims for transparency, timely communication, effective coordination, and sharing of responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities among cohort members. The RSC encourages collaboration  among members of the consortium and valuable non-consortium partners and may recruit other population-based cohort studies to join the consortium, may encourage joint ancillary-study grant applications to accomplish new scientific aims, and may form additional committees as needed.

Research Steering Committee Members:

Cohort Representatives

AGES: Vilmundur Gudnason, Tamara Harris, Lenore Launer
ARIC: Eric Boerwinkle, Alanna Morrison
CARDIA: Myriam Fornage, Lifang Hou
CHS: Bruce Psaty, Susan Heckbert, Josh Bis, Jennifer Brody, Ken Rice
FHS: L. Adrienne Cupples, Daniel Levy, Kathy Lunetta, Vasan Ramachandran, Chunyu Liu
HABC: Tamara Harris, Lenore Launer
JHS: James Wilson, Leslie Lange
MESA: Jerome Rotter, Stephen Rich
MVP: Christopher O’Donnell
Rotterdam: Albert Hofman, M. Arfan Ikram, André Uitterlinden, Cornelia van Duijn
SOL: Robert Kaplan, Cathie Laurie, Tamar Sofer

Committee Representatives 

Analysis Committee: L. Adrienne Cupples, Ken Rice
Genetics Committee: Jerome Rotter
Mendelian Randomization: George Davey-Smith, Neil Davies

At Large

Helen Warren; Stéphanie Debette; Scott Damrauer, Kari North, Jennifer Huffman